Auto service centers need you, but you’re still drastically underpaid. Let Mechanic Zap be your platform for finding the career you want.

How We Help Mechanics

We empower mechanics and give you a voice. Mechanic Zap is a resource you can use to secure employment where you’ll be appreciated for your work and paid what you deserve.


Get in the Spotlight

Gain exposure to service centers in great need of technicians just like you.

The Income You’ve Earned

Sick of waiting for that raise? Mechanic Zap will get you a job with better pay.

Receive a 90-Day Bonus 

Secure a job through Mechanic Zap, and after the first 90 days of your new job, we’ll give you a bonus. 

Build Lasting Relationships

Grow your career with an employer who truly appreciates you and your skills.

Mechanic Zap helped me find the technician job I have been previously applying to for months. Their relationships within the automotive industry propelled me to get hired within days.
Will Z.-Mechanic
I was working at an independent shop that didn't have much work for me and was being promised a raise every other month. I reached out to Mechanic Zap and they let me know what kind of work I was looking for; they matched me with a large Toyota dealership and I was hired within a week, and I'm getting almost double what I was making before, getting a bonus check from Mechanic Zap was awesome too!
Sam S.-Mechanic
As the service manager at a dealership, it's nearly impossible to find a mechanic. I hired Mechanic Zap to get us 3 qualified mechanics and they did it within 2 weeks!
Toby F. -Service Manager


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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you contact my current employer?

No. We keep everything confidential, always.

When will I receive my bonus check?

After 90 days of employment with your new job.

Can I use Mechanic Zap more than once?

Yes! We strive for all mechanics to use us as their resource when finding new jobs.

How do I get started?

Simply apply on our website and we will get a hold of you within 48 hours. 

Why should I use Mechanic Zap?

Mechanic Zap works with thousands of service centers around the country. We’re determined to find the best job possible for each mechanic. We do all the work for you and will connect you with the best fit, so you can focus on what you do best. 

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