Auto Service Centers

Mechanics are vital for your revenue. No auto service center can survive without them — but the annual turnover rate is on the rise and finding qualified professionals is next to impossible.

How We Help Auto Service Centers

Mechanic Zap makes it easy to staff your service center with highly experienced and knowledgeable mechanics who take pride in their work.

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Access Our Database of Mechanics

Use Mechanic Zap to find qualified technicians in your area.

Find Technicians You Can Trust

We’ll only show you mechanics who are reliable, experienced, and eager to work.

Provide Better Service

Your clients depend on you to meet their needs, so your business requires mechanics you can count on.

Improve Your Bottom Line

Build and invest in the right team of technicians, and your business will flourish.

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Our Prices

Choose the level of mechanic you need for your business.

Entry Level

0-5 Points



6-23 Points



24+ Points


Mechanic levels

At Mechanic Zap, we use our point system to determine a mechanic's level. The system is based on experience and certifications earned. Mechanic Zap will verify tenure and certifications for each mechanic.

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Point System Chart

Use this chart to determine our mechanic levels.

  • Tenure

  • 0-2 years experience and/or schooling
    1 point
  • 3-9 years
    3 points
  • 10-20 years
    5 points
  • 20+ years
    7 points
  • Certifications

  • ASE A1-A8
    2 points
  • Secondary certifications
    2 points
  • Master Tech certifications
    4 points
  • Manufacturer certifications
    4 points
Entry Level
0-5 points
6-23 points
24+ points

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Mechanic Zap helped me find the technician job I have been previously applying to for months. Their relationships within the automotive industry propelled me to get hired within days.
Will Z.-Mechanic
I was working at an independent shop that didn't have much work for me and was being promised a raise every other month. I reached out to Mechanic Zap and they let me know what kind of work I was looking for; they matched me with a large Toyota dealership and I was hired within a week, and I'm getting almost double what I was making before, getting a bonus check from Mechanic Zap was awesome too!
Sam S.-Mechanic
As the service manager at a dealership, it's nearly impossible to find a mechanic. I hired Mechanic Zap to get us 3 qualified mechanics and they did it within 2 weeks!
Toby F. -Service Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work with auto service centers nationwide?

Yes! We work with auto service centers in every state.

What if a mechanic does not work out for us?

 If by any chance something unfavorable happens to a new mechanic hire before 90 days of the start date, we will refund half of the payment.

What factors are in the point system?

The factors based on our tier system are based on certifications and tenure. We will verify all of the mechanics’ certifications and past job history.

How do we get started?

Submit your auto service center’s information and we will get a hold of you within 48 hours.

Why should I use Mechanic Zap?

We work with thousands of mechanics across the country. We know it’s near impossible to get to a mechanic and we’re your resource for all types of auto mechanics.

Take the next step by filling out your information, and we’ll get right back to you.

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