About Us

Mechanic Zap was born from auto service centers' growing need for qualified mechanics — and mechanics’ need for an environment where their work is valued.

Service Centers and mechanics need each other. This is non-negotiable.  

Auto service centers' financial health depends on mechanics. A single mechanic can be worth $50,000 to $100,000 a month in revenue. Yet we’re experiencing a deficit of tens of thousands of technicians, according to research.

Service centers are losing greener mechanics to job dissatisfaction and experienced mechanics to retirement. We need a better approach. That’s where Mechanic Zap comes in.

Mechanics have their own struggles. Oftentimes, their income doesn’t match their experience level, and they’re promised raises that they never received. They don’t have anybody standing up for them.

what we care about

Our Values

Both service centers and mechanics will reap the rewards from Mechanic Zap. 

The Success of Your Auto Service Center

We know that great mechanics are mandatory for your service center to be profitable. We’ll help you get there.

Your Career as a Mechanic

You work long hours and care about the service you provide. We give you the voice you need to secure the income you want.

Solving a Concerning Problem

The shortage of mechanics is a scary threat to the survival of auto service centers. Mechanic Zap is here to eliminate that.

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